What Is Loom Network Nigeria??

What Exactly Is Loom Money Making Network In Nigeria? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Loom is known as an investment hub for members who help each other in a systematic way to attain their financial goals. Through the platform, a member invest and also receive double return from the system anywhere in Nigeria and anywhere around the world. In other words, Loom Nigeria is available for everybody no matter their region.

According to Tipsinfluencer, it is neither an investment opportunity. It also promises prospects of N4000 to ₦40,000 within 24 hours to 48 hours after joining the community depending on the package you invest on.

Facts To Keep In Mind

1. There are no third party or intermediary managing the money you invest or receive.

2. The only fee that makes you an active member is your first investment which ranges from N500 – ₦10,000, and your subsequent donations.

Please run away from any Group that will tell you to invest anything more than 10k.. Don’t be too greedy

Note: You will start making money within 24 hours of joining Loom.

Is Loom Real or a Scam?

Well, you can only decide what the community really is after reading the pros and cons listed below.


Loom is 100% real. Do you know that 32 members on My Team made N40,000 within 24 hours I will show you evidence.. So Loom is never a SCAM.. it is very GENUINE.

It is popular;

The business is organized, there are no distortions in payments.
The money is very attractive and easy to make.

How Does Loom Money Making Works?

The ‘Loom’ sits in a circle and every time a new person is recruited, others are pushed closer to the centre of the circle where they’re promised a payout.

There are four main levels in Loom which are: Purple, Blue, Orange, and Red. Immediately, eight persons joined the programme, the person in Red (centre) qualifies to get his target amount and and can leave. Afterwards, the Loom will split into top half and bottom half as the circle begins again.

Invest N3000 and get N24,000 (Within 24/48 hours).
Invest N5000 and get N40,000 (Within 24/48 hours).


My name is mrs queen iwuoha, I joined Loom on 2nd May, I have earned 24k three good times and N40,000 twice, Am still expecting another 40k by tomorrow. Loom is 100% real ooo. Join now it is very hot…

In fact below are some of my teams Circled Levels:

Here are some of the Facebook testimonies:

How To Join My Team (24Hours Loom Earners)

At 24hours Loom Earners, After investing with us, You will get your return within 24/48 hours. Our investment package ranges from N3000 to N5000. Invest 3k and get 24,000. Invest 5k and get 40,000.

How To Deposit

Make payment to:

ACCOUNT NAME: Iwuoha Queen C.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3105499090

BANK: FirstBank.

Once you make payment send your Name, Username, Phone Number and Your Bank Details to 08125268440.

For any question and enquiry you can reach our Customer Care @ 08125268440.

Join Loom Now and Earn Cash within 24hours.

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