How To Start A Lucrative Poultry Farming In Africa

Poultry farming is the demonstration of rearing tamed flying birds, for example, chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys to get meat or eggs for sustenance. This includes building poultry pens, dealing with chicks, agonizing, immunization and offering of eggs and meat to the purchaser.
A poultry farm could be kept running on small or broad lodging framework, depending upon the available assets. You could utilize battery confines or profound litter framework, contingent upon your arrangement.

Poultry farming has become one of the most lucrative aspects of agriculture in Africa today for some reasons that it brings in lots of income. Poultry farming is very profitable, it provides employment for job seeking Africans, it creates business opportunities for entrepreneurs and it is also a kind of business that can never get dry.

A good poultry farm can earn you a whole lot of money, keep you employed and an employer of labour, makes you sufficient and financially independent depending on how big the farm is. These benefits you can get if you start your own poultry farm today.

Proper planning is key to a successful business and poultry business is not an exception, with that in mind, these are some things you should consider:


While not required, most aspirational farmers consider completing an undergraduate degree in agriculture first. To better prepare a career in poultry farming, choose a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, business or a niche like farm administration or poultry science.


A land that is less expensive will do just fine, the location will also affect the price of the land, so you are advised to site your land in remote areas.


Employ poultry workers if you want to start a lucrative poultry farm business in Africa. This actually depends on the size of the farm. If your farm is relatively big, then you should employ worker to help you take care of your birds. These birds need all the attention and care they can get, so employ as many workers as you can.


Visit more than one hatchery before you buy your birds. You can also buy few from each hatchery. Monitor their health condition to know where to get the healthy birds for your farm.


You do not necessary need a doctor, but if your farm is very big, you are advised to seek the attention of one. Keep an eye on the vaccination process to always ask to know if they are been given the vaccine they require. You can decide to make this process your personal job so as to be sure what they are taking.


The market should not be far from your farm. This will help reduce transportation cost.


Your farm should be cited in a location far from people’s houses to avoid environmental pollution; you can get into trouble for this.


It won’t be a crime if you make so much profit from your farm, to make much profit from your farm, you will have to an extra work. Distribution will be done by you. These includes the eggs distribution, meat distribution, dump distribution and any other product your farm can produce.

Visit big poultry farms to get training, try as much as possible to visit other poultry farms to see how things are been done so you can get more ideas.

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