Sunday, 4 November 2018

WhatsApp Plans On Showing Ads In Status Come 2019

President - Chris Daniels - has confirmed that the times  of ad-free Whatsapp is numbered.

Chris Daniels went ahead to inform Outlook India that they're reaching to be golf stroke ads in Whatsapp standing. And it'll be the first monetization mode for the corporate still as a chance for businesses to succeed in individuals on WhatsApp.

The standing feature on WhatsApp is like Instagram Stories or Facebook My Day, that disappears once 24hrs. Users will add photos, videos, gifs to their Whatsapp standing that disappears twenty four  hours once posting.

Recall once Whatsapp was designing on yearly $1 fee? Users did not welcome the concept that currently diode to golf stroke ads in standing, as a monetisation  mode for the corporate.

However, the choice has been made though Chris Daniels did not provides a specific  date on when the ads will be launched. however reports steered that targeted ads can arrive on the platform starting in 2019.
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